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Division A – Ways to Play

NC Science Olympiad is excited to share our plans for the 2021 Science Olympiad tournament season. While COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, we have laid out a strategy for continuing student participation that is adaptable to your unique situation. Our model will allow your team to start the season with enough options and flexibility to provide you with an engaging experience, no matter how your local situations evolve. 

Bite Size Science Olympiad 

(Can be done separately or in conjunction with tournament season).

  • Each month we will do a deep dive on 2 events.
  • Lessons and challenges will be released on the 1st of each month.
  • NCSO will provide stand alone lessons that can be completed at home or in class by the students with little to no outside help.
  • This will include video resources covering the information and tips for learning more about the material.
  • Specialized games and a practice test will be released to registered coaches each month, but NOT posted publicly.
    • Coaches who register late will receive all these games and practice tests for any months they missed

Begins in Sept with free trial to all resources.

Science Olympiad Social Media Challenges 

(Can be done separately or in conjunction with tournament season).

NCSO will develop monthly social media challenges based on the slate of events for the 2021 season. Winners will be selected to receive prizes. 


  • Regional directors will commit to hosting a tournament in a manner/date best suited for their regional restrictions. 
  • Registration opens September 1st with regionals and dates TBD.
  • Virtual Coaches Clinic will be held in October. 
  • Award ceremonies for these tournaments will be hosted virtually.


National Science Olympiad is highlighting the 3 C’s – Citizenship & Character in the Community.

NCSO will work to create an easy solution to having high school & college students mentor elementary teams through their school’s preferred virtual meeting platform. Our goal is to have at least one mentor per team across the state. Mentors assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.