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Science Olympiad Showcase

Tournament Date


Regional Director(s)

Questions?  Email Kim;


Museum of Natural Sciences


Same schedule run in the morning and afternoon, B & C combined.

Schedule (TBD)


All schools are welcome.

Schools Registered

This showcase has a limit of 15 teams in the morning and 15 teams in the afternoon.  The registration link will open here on a date that is TBD.

Register Here! (TBD)

Important Links

Here is a list of activities occurring on the day of the Showcase.

Plan to see a movie or 2 on many topics related to Olympiad as well!


Can I have a homebase?
No, the Museum is open to the public for the day, so please do not set up base camp amongst the dinosaurs, whales, or butterfly garden.
How many kids from our team can take the test?
Just 2.  It can be any 2, though, so if only 1 Varsity and 1 JV team member can make it for Disease Detectives, they can take the test together.
Do we have to participate in every event? 
You will not be banished from Olympiad for not having a Fossils team, but the Museum staff have worked hard to prepare these events and have shut their labs to the general public, so we like to fill up the room if at all possible.
How do we get copies of the tests?
Kim will send all registered coaches a google folder link after the event with the tests and answer keys.
Where do I meet my team? 
Wherever you as a group decide to meet.  While this is an NCSO-themed day, the Museum is open to the general public as it is every day.  Make sure that you have a plan for your team.
You can bring as many kids and devices as you want for the construction walk-up events.
The Museum has scheduled relevant talks for most of the day, the special exhibit and movies have special Olympiad pricing, there will be lots of extra carts of hands-on activities and, of course, the regular exhibits that can help kids in a variety of events.