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Game On

Division: Div B. – Middle School

NC Essential Standards Alignment:

Event Rules: See National Rule Manual

Event Score Sheet: Scoring Rubric Coming Soon!

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials: Teams must bring writing utensils and may bring

i) Headsets, including audio port adapters

ii) A microphone to assist in recording original audio.  NC – both headset and microphone use will be limited to the State tournament only.  12/10/19. 

No internet access outside of the Scratch program is allowed.Clarifications: In NC only, we will not be using outside headsets or microphones at the regional tournaments.  This will be allowed at the State tournament and those computers are standard PC desktop units. 12/10/19


This event will determine a team’s ability to design and build an original computer game using the program Scratch incorporating the scientific theme provided to them by the Supervisor.


Supervisors will provide:

i) A computer capable of running Scratch. Tournament Directors are encouraged to provide computer specifications to teams as early as possible.

ii) Scrap paper


High Score wins.

Scoring Rubric

Scoring Rubric explained

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources: