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Who: NC competitors or volunteers, or anyone who now lives in NC who competed in another state.

What: An Alumni Association! Just because you graduated doesn’t mean it ends there….

Why: Remember all those times you said, “when I grow up, I’m going to….” well, this is your chance.

Connect with people with the same passion for Science Olympiad and similar interests in STEM education. We all know Science Olympiad has influenced our lives. Join and share your story, and let others know how Olympiad has affected you. Be among like-minded people, and stay passionate and connected to the organization that helped ignite your interest in science. Join the network of those who are still the best and brightest science, technology, engineering, and math minds in NC!

Join! Like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and fill out this form to stay informed as the association grows and small activities are planned! Also, check out the links below for other ways to be involved!