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Tournament Registration

Join NC Science Olympiad for the 2023 Tournament Season

Registration Opens September 1!

Here are the instructions to Register for a Tournament

– Go to our website via the tabs below 
– Hover over the Registration tab
– Choose Tournament Registration
**If you have not already done so you will have to create a login for the Brickyard account before you register**
– It will then take you to the Tournament Registration page in Reporter
– You should scroll down until you see the Tournament in which you would like to compete
– Click on the Add To Cart tab in that tournament
– Then at the top of the page you should see your cart with a 1 in it
– Click on the cart- Check the box for “I have read and agree to the registration policies”
– Then click the box above that that says “incomplete”
– Complete that section and “submit answers”
– It will bring you back to that page and show “complete” 
– You will then “Proceed to Order Summary” (top right of the page)
– You should select “Pay Later and Check Out” (bottom of page) to complete the registration if you plan to pay by check. You can also pay immediately by credit card.