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Chew the Fat

Division: A- Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 4.L.2, 5.L.1

Event Rules: Chew the Fat Rules 2022

Event Score Sheet: None

Clarifications: None


This event is usually done as stations. Teams will demonstrate their knowledge of the human digestive system and proper nutrition.

Event Leaders will provide a hands-on event with all necessary items, objects, materials, questions, and response sheets for participants to complete stations. Examples include but are not limited to: models, slides, and pictures.


Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. No other resources are allowed.


High score wins. Points will be awarded for the accuracy of responses. Ties will be broken by the accuracy or quality of responses to pre-selected questions chosen by the event leader.

Common Mistakes:




Fast Facts:


Event Resources:

FossWeb – Food and Nutrition
How Stuff Works: Digestive System – animation traces the path of food along the digestive system and explains how each major organ contributes to the absorption of nutrients and the removal of waste.
FDA Nutrition Facts – All you ever wanted to know about nutrition labels
Food Master – Using food to teach math and science
USDA Choose My Plate – Replaced the food pyramid
Digestive System Video


A fun and messy demo for the digestive system