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Division:Div B – Middle SchoolNC Essential Standards Alignment:6.P.1Event Rules:See the National Rule ManualEvent Score Sheet:NoneNational Event Page:HereRequired Materials:Teams must bring something to write with.Clarifications:The mirrors used in the laser shoots in NC will by 1/8″ thick.  12/6/17


There are 2 major components to this event, a series of tasks and questions regarding geometric and physical optics, and a laser shoot.   For the question/task portion, teams may be presented with charts/diagrams, materials and testing equipment, models, written descriptions, etc. at stations or as a sit down test.  They will then be asked to answer questions, perform tasks, draw diagrams, demonstrate a concept, and otherwise interpret the information they are given. For the laser shoot, teams will have 4 minutes to view and measure a laser field (provided by event leader) and reflect a laser beam with mirrors to hit a target.


Teams must bring a writing instrument. Teams may also bring 2 calculators and of any sort, tape measures, templates, rulers, and/or protractors. Teams may also bring one 3-ring binder (any size) of any information they choose. Information in the binder must be attached to the rings or it will not be allowed.

Event Leaders will provide all testing equipment and materials required to complete the test, the Laser Shoot Surface, laser, and mirrors/barricade, the official test and answer sheet.


High score wins.  The test will count for 60% of the score, the laser shoot for the other 40%.

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources:

2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation

Optics for Teachers

CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, along with The Foundation of the Optical Society and SPIE are proud to sponsor the Optics Event, Division B and C.  As part of the sponsorship, we have a website that helps with the content of the event:  At the national tournament, we will be recognizing the division C gold medal winners with $1000 awards.

Utah SO physics test on Optics
Lens optics
Lenses Descriptions

Physics Virtual Lab – Optics
Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions 2
Optical Illusions 3
Fresnel Lens and Polarization Film Sheets
Gel Film Color Sheets
Gel Film Color Sheets 2

Source for Lenses, Prisms, Gratings, Polarizing Film, Educational Optics
Source for Supplemental Material
Make Your Own Spectroscope – From NASA


NoneThis explains how the laser shoot will work in NC this year.