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Road Scholar

Division: B – Middle School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Science as Inquiry

Event Rules: See National Rules

Event Score Sheet: None

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials: Writing instrument

Clarifications: None


This event is run as a sit-down test. Participants will use map reading skills (road maps, topographic, and satellite images) to go on a fictitious journey that is written out for them, and answer questions along the way.


Teams may bringĀ two stand-alone non-programmable, non-graphing calculator, protractors, rulers, other measuring devices, USGS Map Symbol Sheet, and hard copies of other information in any form and from any source along with colored marking devices consistent with the colors utilized on USGS topographic maps. The equipment and reference materials may be in a container such as a three-ring binder, file folder, box or similar product. The information and equipment may be removed during the event. The event supervisor will provide all required maps. Event supervisors will check the accuracy of reproduced maps or map sections prior to competition.


High Score wins. Points are given for each correct answer, some questions may be worth more than others. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources:

Road Scholar 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 rules)
2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation


Topographic Mapping Basics
Part 2