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Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Science Olympiad is a K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics competition that elevates science education to the level of support and enthusiasm typically reserved for school sports. Help us inspire the next generation of STEM leaders by joining our community of dedicated supporters today!


Explore North Carolina Science Olympiad’s Instagram feed to find tournament photos, virtual learning resources, and latest news. Be sure to use #NCSciOlympiad to share your favorite NCSO moments.

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Duke Science Olympiad Invitational registration is now open! This invitational will be hosted on February 18th, 2024 for 30 Division C teams at Duke University! For more information, check out the NCSO Website under the Invitationals page. 

Register now -

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Tournament season is approaching! ⏰ Don't miss out on all the fun! Registration for the @ncsciolympiad
2024 Season is still LIVE. The last day to register is January 1st. 

Visit to get your team registered! 

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Licensed structural engineer and recipient of the Dr. Jason Painter Distinguished Service Award on behalf of the #ScienceOlympiad for +14 years, Greg Womack-Adams, is spreading his knowledge on becoming an event leader. Interested in reading about his journey?

Dive into our newsletter to find out more - 

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