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Appeals Policy

Appeals During the Tournament

  1. Only the Head Coach may request an appeal.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to ask questions of Event Leaders and to work to resolve a problem or issue with the Event Leader during the Event Period. If the event is a building event, Students must respectfully inform the Event Leader, before leaving the Event Area, that they intend to discuss a possible appeal with their Head Coach and will leave their device with the Event Leader. 
  3. If Students have reason to believe that there is cause for an appeal, then the Students must speak with their Head Coach as soon as possible. The Head Coach must first attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the Event Leader. 
  4. If the Head Coach remains genuinely dissatisfied with the outcome after discussing it with the Event Leader, then the Head Coach may complete a written Appeal Form to the Regional/State Director that must be signed by the Event Leader and the Head Coach.
  5. The Appeal form must be turned in to the Regional/State Director within 1 hour after the completion of the event or, in the case of building events, within 1 hour after teams complete testing their device. If circumstances prevent filing within this time limit, the Regional/State Director may, at their discretion, accept a late appeal.
  6. Using the Appeal Form, the Head Coach must:
    1. Identify the specific rule, clarification, or procedure that is believed to have been misinterpreted or misapplied, including the specific page number and section from the rule’s manual (or the date of the clarification);
    2. Describe how the rule or procedure was violated and not followed and how the event results were impacted; 
    3. Provide any documents or other evidence to support the appeal; and
    4. A requested solution to rectify the problem.
  7. The Appeals Committee will consider the appeal and make a ruling on the appeal before event scoring is finalized. The Regional/State Director will inform the Head Coach once the ruling is made.
  8. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, and no other appeals or discussion related to the ruling is allowed. 

Final Score Appeals

  1. Only the Head Coach may request an appeal.
  2. The official posting of scores and ranks will occur immediately following the Awards Ceremony and can be viewed by the Head Coach in Avogadro.
  3. Final Score Appeals may only be made up to 1 hour after the official posting of the scores. No other appeals will be considered.
  4. What can be appealed:
    1. No Show, Participation, and Disqualification Rankings
      1. If a coach believes that his/her team has been improperly placed in one of the above categories, an appeal can be made. The purpose of the appeal would be to have the Director verify the score.
    2. Possible recording or data entry errors.
  5. What cannot be appealed:
    1. Another school’s score;
    2. Any issue beyond recording errors. 
  6. A Final Score Appeal may be made to the Regional Director onsite following the Awards Ceremony or submitted by email to the Tournament Director and State Director ( The appeal should include specific details on the reason for the appeal keeping in mind what can and cannot be appealed above.
  7. A final decision can be expected within 72 hours.
  8. The decision is final, and no other appeals or discussion related to the ruling is allowed.