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Eye Protection

We know that the safety rules can seem complex at times. Science Olympiad has updated their rating system to A, B, C categories. Here is the link to read about it on their webpage.

Where to buy glasses (These will cover every event that requires glasses):
Youth size glasses: Available on Amazon

*What to look for, regardless of where you buy them – they MUST say Z87+ (the + is really really important!)*

Indirect vent chemical/splash protection goggles. These seal tightly to the face completely around the eyes and have indirect vents constructed so that liquids do not have a direct path into the eye (or no vents at all). If you are able to see through the vent holes from one side to the other, they are NOT indirect vents. Swim goggles do not count as safety goggles.

Where to buy goggles (these will cover every event that requires goggles)
Carolina Biological – adult
Carolina Biological – youth
Amazon – Adult


  1. A goggle that bears the Z87+ mark and is an indirect vent chemical/splash protection goggle will qualify for all three Categories A, B & C.
  2. VisorGogs do not seal completely to the face but are acceptable as indirect vent chemical/splash protection goggles.

If you wear prescription glasses, speak to your optometrist about possibly ordering prescription safety glasses or goggles. While many prescription “adapters” on the market fit over or around your regular glasses, most of these leave large gaps and do not meet our standards for side shields or venting.  Tell the doctor you need Z87+ wraparounds for glasses (a -2 after the Z87, such as Z87-2 or Z87-2+ indicates prescription glasses), and indirect vent Z87 or Z87+ for goggles.