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Medals, Trophies, and State Bids

Medals and trophies for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Division are determined by the number of teams competing at the tournament. At any given tournament this is roughly 1 medal or trophy place given for every 3-4 teams competing. This is a rough guideline, since medals and trophies have to be ordered months in advance, and are ordered based on the tournament’s registration at that time. This is why it is extremely important for you to register your team(s) as soon as you can, to ensure your tournament gets all of the medals and trophies they deserve. A minimum of 3 Junior Varsity teams in any division must be registered in an NCSO tournament in order to have medals and trophies presented to them. If there are not enough JV teams to receive their own set of medals and trophies, for purposes of awarding medals the JV teams will be included with the Varsity teams, then separated again to determine team standings and state bids.

For the Middle and High School divisions, the Varsity competition will award bids to the State Tournament based on a quota system determined by Varsity participation statewide. What this means is the total number of state bids available are divided among regionals based on how many varsity teams each regional tournament has. Because the number of bids is based on statewide participation, the number of bids your region gets may change even if the number of varsity teams in your region does not, simply because participation across the state as a whole has increased. Other factors can also affect how many state bids your region gets. Since there are only a limited number of state bids that can be given out, if schools in a region that competes later in the year wait to register their teams until the last minute then additional bids they might have earned may have already been given out at earlier tournaments based on earlier registration numbers. Again, it is critical that you register your team(s) as early as possible to ensure your region gets all of the medals, trophies, and state bids they deserve.