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Any charter, private, or public school as well as home school groups with grades K-12 is eligible to participate. Home schooled students may NOT participate on teams that are associated with organized schools that are private or public. Home schooled students must form their own teams. Participation is at three levels, the Elementary School (grades 3-6)–Division A, the Middle School (grades 6-9)—Division B and the High School (grades 9-12)—Division C.

Membership per year – For the 2022 season the cost per team is $300 for all divisions, varsity and junior varsity. This is ALL the dues a school or group ever pays even if they advance to the National Level.

School registration will close 2 weeks prior to the tournament date, or whenever the tournament reaches capacity, whichever happens first.  All registrations are to be completed online by clicking the Team Registration link in the menu above. Payment should be received by the State Office in a timely manner after registering online.

Membership is open to all schools and is in no way affected by race, religion, sex, or ethnic origin.