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Multiple Teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity

Schools may have as many teams as they wish participating in regional tournaments (1 Varsity Team and the rest Junior Varsity teams).  Only your “Varsity team”, however, is eligible to qualify your school for the State Tournament (for Divisions B and C). The Junior Varsity team(s) will compete in the same rooms/areas with the Varsity team in the events but will be required to be distinguished and separated from the Varsity team. Varsity teams compete against other Varsity teams and Junior Varsity teams compete against other Junior Varsity teams.  Medals and places for the Varsity and Junior Varsity Division will be determined by the number of teams competing at the tournament. The Varsity competition will award bids to the State Tournament based on a quota system determined by Varsity participation statewide.

A minimum of 3 Junior Varsity teams in any division must be registered in an NCSO tournament in order to have medals and trophies presented to them.

Junior Varsity team members CANNOT switch to the Varsity team and compete in events with them during the regional tournament. This applies to all events, walk-ins as well. Varsity and Junior Varsity teams from the same school are to compete as though they were from two different schools. No collaboration of any kind is allowed between the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams from a school.

Following the Regional Tournament, coaches will be provided with spreadsheets to show how Junior Varsity teams placed in each event compared to the Varsity teams in order to use this information to determine who goes on from a school to the State Tournament. In some cases, the Junior Varsity teams score and place better than the Varsity teams.

The team that represents a school at the State Tournament can be any students the coach and team decide. It could even be someone who did not compete at the Regional Tournament. The only thing the regional tournament does is to qualify the school to send a team to the State Tournament. Who the members of the final team are who compete at the State Tournament is totally up to the school. The only requirement is that all students on a team be members of that school’s student body as defined by the administration of the school.