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National Ready Regional Tournament

North Carolina has one of the best Science Olympiad programs in the country and the state office is very proud of how extensive it has become.  But, the middle and high school teams that represent North Carolina at the National Science Olympiad Tournament are at a disadvantage when competing against the best teams from around the country who have prepared for all of the national events all season long.  NCSO wants to better prepare our students to compete at the highest level.  Since North Carolina does not run all the national events at the regional and state level, this solution provides a better opportunity for teams that will likely represent our state against teams from across the nation.

What is the National Ready Regional Tournament?
In order to help our North Carolina Science Olympiad teams whose goal is to be competitive at the National Science Olympiad Tournament, NCSO is offering a ‘National Ready’ Regional Tournament that incorporates both the North Carolina events and the current national events NOT run statewide.  Each year a handful of national Science Olympiad events are not run at North Carolina’s regional and state tournaments. The decision to exclude these events is primarily due to the prohibitive cost incurred at the local school level as well as the intensive resource allocation to regions that would cause a significant burden to the state and regional offices. Who gets to attend the National Ready Regional Tournament?
National Ready Regional Tournament spots are reserved for only the top 10 ranking B & C Division schools as determined by the school’s final rank at the state tournament the prior year.  This percentage number will be reevaluated annually, and adjusted as participation in NC continues to grow.  National Ready Regional Tournament participants will include all of a qualifying school’s Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.  A school may not split their teams between tournaments. For instance, in 2018 NCSO has space for the top 10 finishers in each division, so the schools that finished 1st through 10th in the 2018 State Tournament will have all of the teams they register in 2018, Varsity and JV, participate in the 2018 National Ready Regional Tournament in 2018. Spots are NOT reserved for past ‘National Ready’ tournament participants. Schools must earn a spot in the National Ready Regional Tournament every year by finishing in the top team rankings at the state tournament the previous year.   Schools eligible to participate in the National Ready Regional Tournament may choose to decline this opportunity, and participate in their regular regional tournament instead.

What are the benefits of a National Ready Regional Tournament?
National Ready participating teams will have the opportunity to compete and get more experience in nationally-run events not appearing on the regional or state tournament schedules.  Schools competing in the National Ready Regional Tournament will receive a bid to participate in the State Tournament as long as their Varsity team participates in all of the NC events.  Schools participating in the National Ready Regional Tournament will receive medals and trophies just like at their regular regional tournament, with Varsity ranked against other Varsity, and JV ranked against other JV.

Will National Ready Regional Tournament participants have an advantage over participating teams from the other regional tournaments at the State Tournament?
No, the National Ready Regional Tournament will be administered by a regional director exactly the same way as every other NC regional tournament.  The state office will oversee this tournament just as they oversee every regional tournament, but will not provide any additional insight to these teams.   In fact, National Ready tournament participating teams are being asked to prepare for more events since they are also competing in national events not appearing in the regional and state schedules as well as all North Carolina events on the schedule.

Will fewer schools get trophies and bids to States at each regional because of this tournament?
Absolutely not! The state office, in collaboration with your regional directors, reworked North Carolina’s State Tournament schedule to INCREASE the number of teams and bids we can accommodate at the state tournament.  Each regional will keep the same number of state bids. This number is determined each year by how many Varsity teams compete in that region compared to the total number of Varsity teams in the state.