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Never Alone

Never Alone Policy for Volunteer/Competitor Interaction
January 2014

1. The North Carolina Science Olympiad program utilizes several thousand volunteers to assist with their hosting responsibilities for Regional and State tournaments held throughout North Carolina in schools and on university campuses.  To accomplish all of the needed tasks, services and support activities associated with hosting, volunteers will be solicited from within the host schools student, faculty and staff population as well as the nearby businesses and a large population of alumni and other community volunteers.  In addition, volunteers will be sought from the family members and friends of tournament attendees as well as the general population.

2. Student participants come from the elementary, middle and high school population, ages of participants generally range from age 8 thru 18 and will almost exclusively be minors.

3. Students will need to move freely around the tournament site as will volunteers, and these groups will interact in group and individual settings throughout the day.

4. Security and safety are key considerations for both students and volunteers throughout all tournaments.  Because these facilities are primarily on open campuses, the general public has unrestricted access to the campus streets and common areas.

5. To assure that students are safe during their time at the host facility, the following practices will be in effect:

a. All volunteers, regardless of whether they are university faculty, staff or students; or members of the general public at large, will need to sign in and show identification prior to being allowed to serve in their volunteer capacity.

b. All students will have a participation bracelet and will be required to wear this bracelet at all times throughout the competition.

c. All volunteers will have a nametag with identifying credentials and will be required to wear their credentials at all times throughout the competition.

d. Students will at no time be placed in a situation where they are in a one-on-one situation with any volunteers.

e. All volunteers will maintain a minimum two-person rule for all their interactions with individual students.  This requirement is satisfied if the interaction occurs in an open venue event in which the volunteer and the individual student(s) are observable by other volunteers and the public.

6. This policy will be in effect immediately and continue throughout the tournament season.