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Never Alone Policy

To ensure that students are safe during their time at the host facility, the following practices will be in effect:

  1. All volunteers, regardless of whether they are university faculty, staff, students, or members of the general public at large, will sign the Never Alone Policy and show identification before being allowed to serve in their volunteer capacity.
  2. All students will have a participation bracelet and will be required to wear this bracelet at all times throughout the competition.
  3. All volunteers will have a nametag with identifying credentials and will be required to wear their credentials at all times throughout the competition.
  4. Students will never be placed in a situation where they are in a one-on-one situation with any volunteers.
  5. All volunteers will maintain a minimum two-person rule for all their interactions with individual students. This requirement is satisfied if the interaction occurs in an open venue event where the volunteer and the individual student(s) are observable by other volunteers and the public.