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Detector Building

Division: C- High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: EEn.1.1

Event Rules: See National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheet: Coming Soon

National Event Page: Here


Teams will build a durable ORP or Redox Probe that will accurately measure and display both voltage and the concentrations of NaCl in parts per million from 0 to 5000ppm of different water samples and complete a written test on the principles and theories behind the event.


Each team may bring one participant constructed ORP or Redox probe with a laptop of calculator for programming/display, two calculators of any type and one 2″ or smaller three ring binder, as measured by the interior diameter of the rings, containing information in any form and from any source.  Sheet protectors, lamination, tabs and labels are permitted.  Event Leaders will provide distilled or ROI water for rinsing and will provide two standardized saltwater samples in 4 ox souffle cups.  


Highest total score wins. 


Detector Building explained
Stations for Detector Building explained