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Detector Building

Division: C- High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: EEn.1.1

Event Rules: See National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheet: None

National Event Page: Here


For the safety of all electronics involved, sensor/probes that are not waterproofed will not be allowed to be tested during the Device Testing portion of the event. (2/2/20)


Teams will build a durable temperature-sensing device that will accurately measure, and display temperatures between 0 and 75 degrees Celsius to determine the temperature of 4 different water samples.


Teams may bring one participant-constructed, temperature sensing device with a laptop or a calculator for programming/displaying, two calculators of any type, and one 2″ or smaller three-ring binder. At regional tournaments teams must bring their own calibration thermometer accurate to 0.1 degrees Celsius to calibrate their equipment and use as a reference during the event.

Event supervisors will provide warm water and ice water for calibration and containers.


Highest score wins. A Total Score will be determined based off of guidelines stated in the National Rules Manual.

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