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Metric Mania

Division: A – Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Science as Inquiry, Measurement and Data unifying concept from Common Core

Event Rules: See 2024 Division A Rules Manual


Teams will demonstrate their understanding of metric measurement by estimating and  measuring length, mass, fluid volume, angles, and temperature and be able to make calculations based on these measurements.


Must bring writing instruments. No other resources are allowed.

Event leaders will provide the question and response sheet, and all materials, including the pencils necessary to complete the event.


Points will be awarded for the accuracy of responses. Ties will be broken by the accuracy or quality of answers to selected questions chosen by the event leader prior to competition.


Measure lots of things – the perimeter of cookie cutters, the mass of stuffed animals, the volume of small toys.

Event Resources:

2019 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2020 Rules) – Metric Mania 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 Rules)
2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation (with Work It Out and Science Password)
I Teach Bio – List of skill-building activities for metric measurement, graphing, data, and more
Math Goodies – Bar graph practice
The Science Spot – Lesson plans on length, volume, density, etc.
Estimation practice game
How to use a micrometer
2012 Coaches Institute Presentation (2013 rules for similar event, Measurement Mania)