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Fossil Frenzy

Division: A- Elementary School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 4.E.2

Event Rules: Fossil Frenzy Rules 2022

Event Score Sheet: None

Clarifications: None


This event is usually done as stations that teams rotate through. It can also be done as an individual test taking event, where each station has been copied into a test for the team. Teams may be viewing any combination of samples, pictures, or recorded/written descriptions. They will then be asked to answer questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, generating graphs or charts, etc) about the sample, including identification, classification by properties, origin, uses and importance. Teams may be asked multiple questions at each station.


Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Teams may bring one 8.5” x 11” two-sided page of notes containing information in any form from any source.

Event Leaders will provide any specimens/materials required to take the test, the official test and answer sheet.


High score wins. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:




Fast Facts:


Event Resources:

2018 Fossil Frenzy Test

Fossil Frenzy Test from 2016

An NC State-themed dino quiz
Quick guide to dinosaurs and related links
PBS Kids: Dinosaur Train – Interactive dinosaur guide
Aurora Fossil Museum
AAAS Science Net Links – Part 1 of 2 lessons on dinosaurs
Shephard Software – How are Fossils Made Cartoon and games
Discovery Education – Discovering Dinosaurs lesson plan
National Park Service – NationalFossil Day – Resources
Geology & Fossils
Contact a Fossil Club! This list contains gem, mineral, and fossil clubs of NC with members who often volunteer to visit schools.

Check with your local museum to see if they have a fossil exhibit. List of NC museums by city.