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Genes R Us

Division: A – Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 2.L.2, 5.L.3

Event Rules: Genes R Us_Rules_21

Event Score Sheet: None



This event is usually run as stations. It may also be done as a sit-down test, or as a powerpoint. Teams will demonstrate an understanding of traits that may or may not be inherited, be able to explain why organisms share similarities and differences, and use Punnett squares to predict inheritance patterns of certain characteristics.


Teams must bring writing instruments.  Teams may not bring resources to this event.

Event Leaders:

Event leaders will provide a hands-on event with all necessary objects, materials, questions, and response sheets for participants to complete each station. Examples of stations include but are not limited to models, slides, and pictures.


Points will be awarded for the accuracy of responses. Ties will be broken by the accuracy or quality of answers to questions chosen by the event leader.

Common Mistakes:




Fast Facts:


Event Resources:

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2012 Coaches Institute Presentation (2013 Rules)
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