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Just Plane Awesome

Division: A- Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Science as Inquiry

Event Rules: See 2024 Division A Rules Manual


Prior to the tournament teams will construct up to two rubber-powered monoplanes using the AMA Alpha kit. Planes will be tested to achieve maximum time aloft.


Must bring up to two assembled AMA Alpha airplanes and associated rubber motors. A tool kit containing a winder, glue, tape, clay, and other similar items to adjust or repair the airplane is permitted.


  1. Highest official flight time wins.
  2. A team’s score is the highest of their official flight times.
  3. Ties will be broken by the higher second official flight time.
  4. Teams that violate rules under CONSTRUCTION PARAMETERS or THE COMPETITION will be ranked after all teams that do not violate those rules. 

Event Resources:

Flight Resources List

Laser Cut Planes

Guru Engineering Tech 

J&H Aerospace

Freedom Flight Models

The National Free Flight Society

Endless Lift’s The AMA Alpha Build Tutorial

Academy of Model Aeronautics’ AMA Alpha Build Tutorial