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Ramp and Roll

Division: A – Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 3.P.1, 5.P.1, Science as Inquiry

Event Rules: Ramp & Roll_Rules_21

Event Score Sheet: Ramp & Roll Score Sheet_Rules_21

Clarifications: The RAMP does not have to be built from K’nex.  Additional ramp pieces can be impounded with the ramp in a separate labeled bag.


This is a building event. Teams will build a ramp and vehicle to travel a certain distance and stop as close to the finish line as possible at the tournament.


Teams MUST bring something to write with, their box full of K’nex materials, and a ramp.  Teams may bring only 1 picture no larger than 8.5” x 11” of their device. This must be 1 picture, not a collage. No other resources are allowed.


Teams will be ranked into tiers based on adherence to the challenge instructions. Within each tier, teams must be ranked based on the scoring criteria for the build-off selected.

Common Mistakes:



Make sure the lid fits flush on the top of the box, and likewise do not bring any prohibited materials or tools, even if teams do not plan on using them.

Teams can only bring one picture of their device.  This cannot be a collage of photos.

Any K’nex pieces can be used from any kit to construct the challenges. If your team has an obscure piece or you think it might be questioned, feel free to include a picture of the part in the box showing that it is a K’nex piece.

Fast Facts:


Event Resources:

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