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Rock Star

Division: A- Elementary School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 3.E. 2, 4.P.2

Event Rules: Rock Star_Rules_21

Event Score Sheet: None

Clarifications: None


Teams will demonstrate their knowledge of rocks & minerals, the rock cycle and geologic maps.


Must bring writing instruments. Teams may also bring up to 2 commercially produced field guides and/or 2 1-inch, 3-ring binders with pages in any form, from any source, contained in page protectors. (This means 2 guides, or 2 binders, or a guide and a binder). Actual samples are not allowed in the binders. Teams may also bring up to two hand lenses.

Event Leaders will provide any specimens/materials required to complete the stations, the official test and answer sheet.


High score wins. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:



Create a notebook to study from. Have one page for each rock or mineral on the Official List.

Fast Facts:



Event Resources:

2019 Rock Star Test
Rock Star 2018 Coaches Clinic (2019 Rules)
Coaches Guide to Rocks & Minerals
2014 Coaches Institute Presentation
2012 Coaches Institute Sample Tests
Study Guide Template (2010 rules)
Sample Event Stations (2010 rules)
The Rock Cycle – an introduction
Types of Rocks
40 Common Minerals GREAT resource
Mineral Information Institute (Great website with lesson plans, student help, information, pictures, and more)
University of Texas Geology (introduction and explanation of mineral properties)
Helpful Quizzes
Request a NC Rock & Mineral Kit
Geologic Maps
Rocks for Kids
NASA – Rocking the Rock Cycle
Chocolate Rock Cycle Lab
See the event help page for the Middle and High School version of this event