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Science Sketchers

Division:  A – Elementary

NC Essential Standards Alignment:  Vocabulary found throughout K-6 Science Essential Standards

Event Rules: See 2023 Division A Rule Manual

Clarifications: None


Team members will take turns drawing and guessing clues for scientific terms or concepts from across all Essential Standards for Elementary Math & Science.


Teams must be in groups of 2 or 3 in order to compete in this event. Teams may not bring anything with them to the competition EXCEPT writing utensils (one per student). Event Leaders will provide stopwatches, 40 words printed on index cards, and score sheets.


One point will be awarded for each term correctly identified within the allotted time. The team correctly identifying the most terms will be declared the winner. 

Common Mistakes:

Students get caught on a word they don’t know and forget to pass in order to move on.

Event Resources:

Science Pictionary
How to use Pictionary


Many students will have never seen the TV game show Password, so you may want to show them a video clip from Youtube for reference.