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Amazing Mechatronics

Division:C-High SchoolNC Essential Standards Alignment:EEn.1.1Event Rules:NC Only RulesEvent Score Sheet:NoneClarifications:Only the Raleigh/National Ready, Charlotte, Durham, & Greensboro tournaments will compete using the simulation program – Tinkercad Circuits.  2/21/18


This event will be run in 2 parts, half will be stations (or a sit down test) where teams rotate through a series of microcontrollers that do not work and must provide hardware and/or software solutions to fix the problem. In the second part, teams will be given a laptop with the Arduino IO installed and presented with a list of projects. They will have 25 minutes to successfully program as many projects as they can.


Teams must bring a writing instrument.  Teams may also bring two 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper, which must contain only hand written information on both sides of each sheet from any source.  Students are asked to bring their Arduinos and LEDs as backup for the event.


High score wins. Questions are worth a pre-assigned number of points. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:




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Event Resources:

Here are links to the 2018 webinars:

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Here is the link for the 2016 Amazing Mechatronics Div C webinar playlist.

Here are the 2015 lessons, feel free to pass them along, but give Young Engineers of Today credit.
Lesson 1&2 pdfs
Lesson 1 audio & video
Lesson 2 audio & video
Lesson 3
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Young Engineers of Today
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