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Duct Tape Challenge

Division:Div C – High SchoolNC Essential Standards Alignment:Science as InquiryEvent Rules:NC Only Rules updated 9/6/2018Event Score Sheet:NoneNational Event Page:None, this is a NC only event.Required Materials:NoneClarifications:For both regionals and states in 2019, the devices to be built are limited to an elevated bridge, cantilever, arch or tunnel. updated 9/6/2018


This event is a build-on-site event. Teams will arrive at the competition and be given a set of materials, primarily Duck Tape, and a task. They will then have a given amount of time to complete whatever task they are assigned, such as building the tallest tower, widest bridge, most bouyant boat, etc. The task parameters will be clearly outlined for the teams. At the end of the build time, teams will test their structures to determine the winner.


Teams are not required to bring anything. Teams MAY bring 1 scissors, 1 ruler, a stopwatch, and something to write with.


The scoring guidelines will be clearly outined in the task instructions. A primary and secondary parameter will be given. The primary parameter will be used for ranking teams, the secondary parameter will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources:

Duct Tape Challenge 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 Rules)

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