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Division: C – High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Chm.3.1, Chm.3.2, Science as Inquiry

Event Rules: See National Rules Manual

National Event Page: Here

2024 NC Regional and State Forensics Events will focus on the following topics:
3b, Qualitative Analysis
3c, ii and iii. Polymer Analysis of Fibers and Hairs.
3e, ii, iii, v, vii, and viii. DNA, glass, spatters, tracks and soil, and blood.


Given a scenario and some possible suspects, students will perform a series of tests.  These tests, along with other evidence or test results, will be used to solve a crime.


In addition to the recommended lab equipment listed in the rules manual, students may use a multimeter.  In addition, any types of small containers for holding chemicals and performing reactions may be used.


High score wins. 


Coming Soon


Be sure to follow all safety requirements! Students will not be allowed to participate without the proper safety equipment.

– Event leaders will not answer questions on testing procedures nor will they provide a copy of the rules or a list of the possible unknowns. Teams should already know procedure, and should include a list of the possible unknowns in their allowed notes if they cannot remember. Event leaders WILL answer safety questions, and stop students from performing a test in an unsafe manner.

Event Resources:

Powder Analysis blank chart
Sample Forensics Flowchart

General sites on Forensics and Crime Busters
Real World—Articles on aspects of crime scene data collection
Links to forensic activities for students
Recommended Lab Equipment List

Conducting a flame test video series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Source for mass specs
American Chemistry Council – Plastics 101
FBI Laboratory – Latent Fingerprint Unit
Spinning the Elements: Wallace Carothers and the Nylon Legacy
STEM Session Video with tips from previous competitors!

Shoe and Tire Prints:
Lab activity on shoe and tire prints

Polymers and Fibers:
Microscopic Images of Fibers—search for the types of fibers and select the kind of microscopic technique for the image you want.
Animal Hair Images

Intro to Chromatography
Tutorial on Interpreting Mass Spectra
Basic info Mass spectroscopy

Previous Year’s Rules:
Forensics 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 Rules)
2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation

Intro to Chromatography
Tutorial on Interpreting Mass Spectra
Basic info Mass spectroscopy


How to do a Fiber Burn Test
How to identify polymers
How to perform Powder tests
More Powder tests
Teamwork is the key to this event!