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Green Generation

Division: B & C – Middle School & High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment:

Event Rules: See National Rules

Event Score Sheet: None

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials:

Clarifications: None


Students will demonstrate an understanding of general ecological principles, the history and consequences of human impact on our environment, solutions to reversing trends and sustainability concepts.

This event will be composed of three sections of approximately equal point value.

1. Review of the General Principles of Ecology
2. Problems resulting from human impacts on the quality of our environment
3. Solutions to reversing/reducing human impacts that harm our environment


Each team may bring one 8.5”x11” sheet of paper, which may be in a sheet protector sealed by tape or laminated, that may contain information on both sides in any form from any source without any annotations or labels affixed along with two stand-alone non-programmable, non- graphing calculators.


Highest score wins.

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources: