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Materials Science

Division:C – High SchoolNC Essential Standards Alignment:High School ChemistryEvent Rules:See the National Rules ManualEvent Score Sheet:NoneNational Event Page:HereRequired Materials:Students must wear chemical splash goggles, an apron or lab coat, and be covered from neck to wrists and toes.  Long hair must be tied back.Clarifications:None


Students will test their skills in assessing the characteristics of chemistry based materials science of polymers & plastics with an emphasis on chemical structure, reactivity, & behavior.


Teams can bring 2 calculators dedicated to computation, and two 8.5″x11″ double-sided sheets of paper with any resources that they choose.


High score wins. Points are awarded for accuracy and proper technique.  Ties will be broken with predetermined questions.

Common Mistakes:

Be sure to wear the appropriate safety attire!!! Disqualification as a result of a safety issue will not be arbitrated.



Event Resources:

2018 Regional Materials Science Test

Polymer Ambassadors

Everyday Polymers Lesson 

Unit Cells
Miller Indices
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