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Microbe Mission

Division: Div C – High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 7.L.1, 8.L.1, Bio1.1, Bio 1.2

Event Rules: See the National Rules Manual

National Event Page: Here


Teams will answer questions, solve problems and analyze data pertaining to microbes.


Each student must bring goggles.  Each team may bring one 8.5×11″ sheet of paper which may be in a sheet protector sealed by tape or laminated that may contain information on both sides in any form and from any source without annotations or labels affixed along with two stand alone non programmable non graphing calculators.  


High score wins. 

Event Resources:

Google Drive folder from the Coaches Clinic 2017

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Microbiology by Jeffrey Byrd and Tabitha Powledge- GREAT book!