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Mystery Architecture

Division: C – High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Science as Inquiry

Event Rules: NC Only Rules

Event Score Sheet: None

Clarifications: None


Teams will arrive at the competition with their supplies and will be given an engineering task. They will then have a given amount of time to complete whatever task they are assigned, such as building the tallest tower, widest bridge, etc. The task parameters will be clearly outlined for the teams. At the end of the build time, teams will test their structures to determine the winner.


Each team may bring 1 pair of scissors and MUST have a measuring device, preferably one that can measure at least 1 meter.

The following items are the only allowed supplies for the day of competition. Competitors are responsible for supplying their own resources.

Any Amount

Limited quantity

copy paper, new or recycled

5 toilet paper rolls

paper plates, any size

5 paper clips, any size

scotch tape

5 popsicle sticks

rubber bands, any size

1 empty cereal box, any size


High score or low score wins, depending on the metrics announced at the start of the event.

Common Mistakes:




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