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Division: C – High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Grade 6, 7, and 8: Goals 1 and 2; High School Physics 7.P.1, 7.P.2, Phy.1.1, Phy.1.2, Phy.1.3, PSc.1.1, PSc.1.2

Event Rules: See the National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheet: Coming soon

National Event Page: Here


Teams will design and build a tower meeting requirements specified in the rules to achieve the highest structural efficiency.  


Each team is allowed to enter only one structure, built prior to the competition.  All participants must properly wear eye protection.  Participants may not bring any equipment such as levels or squares.  The Event Leader will provide all test apparatus and tools/materials for measurement.  


High score wins. 

Common Mistakes:

The goal is not to build the strongest tower, it is to build the most efficient tower. Most winning towers will break before hitting 15kg

students will also have to estimate what their load supported will be this year. This number will be used only in tie breaker situations.

Event Resources:

2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation