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Division: C – High School

Event Rules: See National Rules

Event Score Sheet: 2023 Trajectory Score Sheet

National Event Page: Here

Clarifications: 7.b. Target Score (TS) = 2000 (for the near one) or 4000 (for the far one) minus the straight line distance, in mm, from the center of the initial impact of the projectile to the CENTER of the target. Lowest possible TS is 0.


Prior to the competition, teams will design, construct, and calibrate a single device capable of launching projectiles onto a target and collect data regarding device parameters and performance.


Each team must impound only one launch device, design log, and any projectiles. Items must be moveable by the participants without outside assistance.
Each team may bring tools, supplies, writing utensils, and two stand-alone calculators of any type for use (these items need not be impounded).
Participants must wear eye protection during device setup and operation. Teams without proper eye protection must be immediately informed and given a chance to obtain eye protection if time allows.


Are laser sights allowed? Yes, they are considered a tool and not part of the device or triggering mechanism.


Floor protection is mandatory for all devices.


High score wins. Final Score = Best Near TS + Best Far TS + CS + BS (if any). A scoring spreadsheet is available at


Note – Trajectory scoring is slightly different – download the scoresheet and try different scenarios to see what gives you the highest score.