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Wifi Lab

Division: C – High School

Event Rules: See National Rules

Event Score Sheet: 2023 Wifi Lab Score Sheet

National Event Page: Here

Clarifications: None


Teams must construct an antenna device prior to the tournament that is designed to transmit/receive a signal at 2.4 GHz and complete a written test on the principles of electromagnetic wave propagation.


Each team may bring one three-ring binder of any size containing information in any form and from any source, attached using the available rings. Sheet protectors, lamination, tabs and labels are permitted. Participants may remove information or pages for their use during any part of the event.

Each team may also bring tools, supplies, writing utensils, and two stand-alone calculators of any type for use during any part of the event. Each team must bring their device, a Design Log, and copies of graphs and/or tables for scoring. Bonus points are given for devices brought in a labeled box.


Final Score (FS) = ES + AS + CS + MB + SB. The maximum possible FS is 100 points. A scoring spreadsheet is available at