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Air Trajectory

Division: B/C

Event Rules: See National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheet: Coming Soon

National Event Page: Air Trajectory B/C


Prior to the competition, teams will design, construct, and calibrate a single device capable of launching projectiles onto a target and collect data regarding device parameters and performance.


Each team must impound only one launch device, design log and any projectiles. The device must be impounded with mass(es) detached. Each team may bring tools, supplies, writing utensils and two stand alone calculators of any type for use (these items need not be impounded). Participants must wear eye protection.


High Score wins.


Can you clarify the target for 2024? Is it a bucket or a dot on the floor?

  • A tape mark on the floor with a 1m x 1m tape box around it.  The bucket is only used when we, the Event Leaders, have to move the target frequently. So in years where each team gets to pick their distance, or for the bonus shot where the bucket is not in the firing area all the time.
  • This year for both B and C there are only static targets we set, so no bucket for the main targets but yes bucket for the bonus shot.