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Disease Detectives

Division: B – Middle School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 7.E.1.6, 7.L.1, 8.E.1.4, 8.L.1

Event Rules: See National Rules

National Event Page: Here


Participants will use their investigative skills in the scientific study of disease, injury, health and disability in populations or groups of people.


Each team may bring one 8.5×11″ sheet of paper, which may be in a sheet protector sealed by tape or laminated, that may contain information on both sides in any form and from any source without any annotations or labels affixed, along with two stand alone non programmable non graphing calculators.  


High score wins. 

Event Resources:

Disease Detectives 2019 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2020 Rules)
Disease Detectives 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 Rules)
2017 Coaches 101 (brand new coaches) Clinic Presentation
2017 Coaches 201 (familiar with the event) Clinic Presentation
2017 Coaches 301 (really know my stuff) Clinic Presentation
CDC Site on this event (National Sponsor, EXCELLENT RESOURCES)
Detectives in the Classroom
MySO  September 2021 Epidemiology Resources 

Glossaries of Important Terms

Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit
Young Epidemiology Scholars

Useful Articles and Texts

Bad Bug Book
CDC Epidemiologic Case Studies
Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
WHO Basic Epidemiology
Epidemics After Natural Disasters
ActivEpi online textbook

Games and Simulations

Science Mystery
Outbreak at WatersEdge
CDC Solve the Outbreak
Epidemic (requires login)