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Robot Tour

Division: Division C – High School

Event Rules: See National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheet: Coming Soon

National Event Page: Robot Tour C


Teams design, build, program and test one robotic vehicle to navigate a track to reach a target in a set amount of time as accurately and efficiently as possible.


Each team must bring and impound one robotic vehicle, a practice log, programming unit (except laptops) and any additional/spare parts. If the programming unit is a laptop, then a USB flash drive must be impounded instead of the laptop and contain only one robot program that is the starting program for the robot. Teams may bring tools, which includes a stand alone non programmable non graphing calculator.

  • Robot Tour’s rules are not limiting and are open on the type of robot. There are just a few items required:
    Size is less than 30cm by 30cm of any height. Larger robots will have a disadvantage in navigating the track. So smaller is better.
  • Energy must come from 6 or less AA or AAA batteries. This will cause the largest number of issues at tournaments. Many robot kits come with lithium batteries which is NOT allowed. Teams have purchased kits with the lithium batteries but replaced these batteries with AA batteries before the tournament.
  • Robot is NOT remote controlled. A lot of robot kits come with an optional remote controller to drive the robots. These kits are valid PROVIDED the remote controller is not used and the students can show the robot is executing their robot program.


Coming Soon


Each team’s final score is their lowest run score plus any final score penalties. Low score wins.

Event Resources

Example Robot – this can be used to build your own robot or modify purchased robot kits

Vex Robotics

Build a Robot