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Write It, Do It

Division: Div C – High School

NC Essential Standards:

Alignment: Science Processes and Writing skills

Event Rules: See the National rule manual. 

Event Score Sheet: None

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials:  The participant who will be doing the writing must bring a writing utensil and paper. The builder will need the resources listed below.

Clarifications: Here is the list of possible building supplies that should be collected by the builder. (2022 List. 2023 Coming Soon)


This is a 2 part event. In the first part, one team member will view a constructed object (k’nex, legos, tinker toys, pipe cleaners, styrofoam bowls, craft supplies, etc) and write a description of how to build it without using any pictures, diagrams, or symbols. The written description will then be given to their teammate who has not seen the object. Given a corresponding set of materials, the team member will then attempt to rebuild the object from the written description.


The participant who will be doing the writing must bring a writing instrument and these supplies.


High Score wins. Points are earned for correct connections, placement, color, etc. Ties will be broken by shortest construction phase.

Common Mistakes:




Event Resources:

Write It, Do It 2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2019 Rules)

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