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3D Printing

3D printing is empowering people to engage in creative learning and designing unique solutions for problems. NCSO encourages the use of new technology to learn, but also recognizes issues that may arise from the use of such technologies including plagiarism, copyright, patent, design patent, trade dress and trade secrets.  In addition, as with all new technology, limited access to such technology should not give one team an unfair advantage over another.  With these factors in mind, NCSO has set forth the following general policy regarding 3D printing.

3D printing may not be used as a means to bypass a restriction within the event rules. If the rules for an event ban the use of certain parts or resources, for example professional parts, commercial parts, pre-assembled pieces, pre-laminated pieces, or specific other items, teams are not permitted to 3D print these items in place of the restricted parts.

Effective 1/1/2015