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B & C – Middle School & High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment:

Grade 6, 7, and 8: Goals 1 and 2; High School Physics 7.P.1, 7.P.2, Phy.1.1, Phy.1.2, Phy.1.3, PSc.1.1, PSc.1.2

Event Rules: See the National Rules Manual

Event Score Sheets:

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials: All participants must wear eye protection (Category B) at all times.

Clarifications: None


Teams will design and build a Bridge (Structure) meeting requirements specified in the rules to achieve the highest structural efficiencies


The event supervisor will provide the Test Apparatus and tools/materials for measurement.


High score wins. Score = [Load Score (g)/Mass of Structure (g)]*Design Log Penalty Multiplier

Common Mistakes:

Not meeting requirements specifed in rules


The goal is not to build the strongest bridge. It is to build the most efficient bridge. Most winning bridges will break before holding 15,000 grams. In other words, you want to build a bridge as light as possible, but capable of holding a significant amount of weight to achieve maximum structural efficiency. 

Event Resources:

Sample Design Log Cover Page
Sample Design Log
SciOly Bridge Page
At Home Support Plan
At Home Elevation Plan
Breaker Measurements for a template to build your own breaker at home.


Good Bridge Video

Pass through Block explanation video