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Bottle Rocket

Division: B & C – Middle School & High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: Grade 6, 7, and 8: Goals 1 and 2; High School Physics 7.P.1, 7.P.2, Phy.1.1, Phy.1.2, Phy.1.3, PSc.1.1, PSc.1.2

Event Rules:  NC Only Rules 2023

Event Score Sheet: 2023 Score Sheet

National Event Page: None

Clarifications:  The pressure vessel must be a 1-liter carbonated beverage bottle. A single bottle rocket can be launched twice or you can launch two different bottle rockets.

Parachutes off of toy or professional rockets are not allowed, even if modified. Teams that check-in rockets with parachutes deemed as toy or professional or “off a shelf” will be allowed to launch but will be placed in Tier 2.


This is a building event. Teams will build and test ahead of time up to two rockets designed to stay aloft for the greatest amount of time.

This event will be held outside. Event supervisors must provide launcher, air pump, pressure gauge, water, and timing devices. All rockets must be launched using the launcher provided by the supervisor. 


Teams must bring safety goggles and their bottles.

Following after the safety inspection of the rocket, teams may add any amount of water to the inspected rocket(s) (water will be provided to them at tournament).


Greatest time aloft for one rocket flight wings.

Event Resources:

2022 Coaches Clinic Presentation

How to Build a Bottle Rocket (this presentation uses a 2-Liter bottle, please remember that this year 1-Liter carbonated beverage bottles are required for the pressure vessel)

How to Build a Parachute



1/9/23: Is 3D printing allowed? Yes, as long as no rules are broken in the process.