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Division:Div B – Middle SchoolNC Essential Standards Alignment:Science as Inquiry, 7.P.2, PSc.1.1., Phy.1.1, Phy.1.2Event Rules:See the National rules manualEvent Score Sheet:HereNational Event Page:HereRequired Materials:High impact safety glasses, device, something to write withClarifications:None


This is a construction event. Prior to the competition teams will build and test a device powered by up to 2 battery-powered motors that will move a device down a track. Competitors will also be tested on their knowledge of classic mechanics and related topics.


Teams MUST bring safety glasses & their device (in a labeled box). They may also bring any tools necessary to calibrate the device and a reference binder of any size. Only the device in the box needs to be impounded.

Event Leaders will provide the testing area, measuring apparatus and written test.


High score wins, with a combination of hovercraft score and exam score.

Common Mistakes:

Many teams get caught up in the excitement of competition and forget to notify event leaders before one or more of their runs. This is a penalty easily avoided!



Event Resources:

2018 Hovercraft State Test

2018 Regional Hovercraft Test

2017 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2018 Rules)

Regional test from 2017 (note – this is the electronic version we have.  Some changes were made to the hard copies for various regionals, please do not contact us with concerns about the answer key.)