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Mission Possible

Division: B – Middle School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: None

Event Rules: See National Rules

Event Score Sheet: Here

National Event Page: Here

Required Materials: All participants must properly wear eye-protection at all times — See National Rules Manual for Details

Clarifications: 11/15/21 – In NC, we will NOT be checking for design logs related to 3D printing. Teams are free to print whatever they want to use in their devices and will not need to document it for the event supervisors.


Prior to the competition, participants design, build, test, and document, a Rube Goldberg® like Device that completes required start and final actions through a series of specific actions.





Common Mistakes:



Teams should not be allowed to run their device unless they have a non-team member there to operate the camera, verify measurements, and report observations.  The student can not do all that is required and run the camera.  
This person can be a parent, coach or other trusted adult (not a student) that can safely be there.  
Since the judges need to see all parts of the device, it is advised that they use a moveable camera rather than depending upon a computer’s camera. 
A tape measure will be required that uses centimeters.  Also needed is a metric ruler that is not clear plastic.    They are difficult to see on camera.  An opaque one would be easier to see. 
When students build their device, they must make sure that every action is visible in the virtual situation in which we must operate.   They may want to practice recording and viewing the operation of their device to make sure the judges can see it clearly.  

Event Resources:

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