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2021 Raleigh Tournament

Tournament Date

Feb 20 & March 6, 2021

Regional Director(s)

Kelsie Stocz,

Kim Gervase,


Virtual, Mini SO Model – students compete from home


Spreadsheet with all links and codes needed for Raleigh tournament

Update – National Ready – Follow the Raleigh links today!

2021 Div B Regional Schedule

2021 Div C Regional Schedule

Participating Teams

This link shows the most up to date information for all regional tournaments, click on the “Sorted by Tournament” tab to see every team competing in your tournament.

Important Links

Regional Tournament Policies


Current graded events – we will continue to update as new scores are available. Don’t read anything into the way the teams are sorted on the page.  Avogadro thinks that C10 comes after C1 and I don’t care to spend time resorting every time I add something.  A “Y” means “why yes, we have received something from your team.” If you have a NS (No Show) in an event that you are sure your students competed in, please let me know their names asap and we will look through our pile of unassigned tests for them.  
Coach email 3/1/2021
Hi everyone!
I hope that you are ready for round 2 this weekend.  I am sure it will feel less stressful with less events and a general feel for how this will work.  Here are some notes.
Team Names – Please please please.  Give us your full school name (Not Tigers Varsity) and student names on these forms.  I have an entry right now that has a name of Ben and a Team name of Benjamin.  Not super helpful.  Nearpod will ask for this info in the first & last slide this time in case anyone joins late.
Schedule Spreadsheets – I promise that they will be updated before the start of the hour.  I held off in publishing codes because people clicked on them and used up the spots in the “class” which led to the overflow issues we had.  And as a reminder – 1 person per team should log in.  I would also ask that you use the correct spreadsheet and Division this weekend.  While it has been fun to grade mountain middle schools who took high school tests at the coast, and every other combination possible, it is very hard to decide on an equitable score for those teams.  Your Regional directors will be sending the links for their camera-on events in the hopes that they won’t copy and paste the wrong link like I did for one tournament last time.
Awards Ceremonies – More coming on this, but here is the schedule for when the awards will be live.  They will remain on our youtube channel for anyone who wants to watch them later.  After each awards ceremony, I will publish the avogadro scores and send my normal witty and insightful wrapup email.
March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12
4:30 Satellite 4:30 Triad 7pm West 5pm Northeast
6:30 Southeast 7:30 Raleigh   7pm Charlotte

Codebusters – Baconian, Morbit & Pollux – only put one letter underneath the entire sequence of code that corresponds.  See the front page of the Codebusters site for an example.  We highly encourage that the team has a way to talk to each other verbally.  Has your team tried logging in and taking an online test?  If not, could you please try that out ASAP?  If your emails don’t work, I am not promising a magic fix on Saturday, but I can fix it without magic on Wednesday.

Regional information – changing up the chain of command this weekend – please take problems to your regional directors first.  They will be linked to our office.
Looking forward to another great weekend of competition!
Coach email 2/15/21
I hope this helps a bit more, sorry for filling up your inbox this week.
Coach email 2/15/21
I hope this helps a bit more, sorry for filling up your inbox this week.
Tuesday, Feb 16
Div B Fast Facts Practice 5pm- must sign up for code on this form
Div C Fast Facts Practice 6pm- must sign up for code on this form
Div C Fermi Questions Practice 7pm – no sign up needed.  URL:

Wednesday, Feb 17 
5pm, Div B Mission Possible ASLs due through this form
5pm, Div C Sounds of Music logs due through this form
5pm, Codebusters B & C emails due on this form
Head Coach check-in 11am – 1pm, 7-8pm through this zoom link
Thursday, Feb 18 
8am, Div B Digital Structures metrics released in tournament spreadsheet 
Head Coach check-in 11am – 1pm, 7-8pm through this zoom link
Div B Fast Facts Practice 6pm- must sign up for code on this form
7-8pm Office Hours – Mousetrap & Gravity Vehicle (code will be emailed to head coaches Thurs morning) 
Div C Fast Facts Practice 8pm- must sign up for code on this form
Div C Fermi Questions Practice 9pm – no sign up needed.  URL:

Friday, Feb 19
9am, Div C Digital Structures metrics released in tournament spreadsheet
Head Coach check-in 11am – 1pm, 7-8pm through this zoom link
Saturday, Feb 20
Digital Structures must be submitted no later than 9am
Tournament sessions run 9am – 1pm (Sounds of Music starts at 8am)
Gravity Vehicle & Mousetrap Distances released on google form 1pm
All car submissions must be received by 4pm
Coach email 2/10/21
I am sorry to keep drowning you in information, but I don’t quite know how else to do this.  Remember – there is one long stream of these emails on your tournament webpage, so you can find all the info without searching for my name and your team can always be up to date as well!


1.  Permission Forms were released in the early hours Tuesday morning.  They were individual and specific to each school with the head coach listed as a collaborator so that you can see who has responded.  If you don’t see that in your inbox or need help – send me an separate email – don’t reply to this one, I keep losing things in the back and forth with lots of you.  Alternates also need to fill this out.
2.  Everyone should be where they are supposed to be in Avogadro now.   Several of you are having issues getting in, it gives you the black screen of death and says the site cannot be reached.  Here’s the trick – click in the url box and hit enter, it will magically appear.  I don’t know why, but I know it works.
3.  Updates to the resource spreadsheet – thanks for all the proofreading, I can tell students are studying now!  Fast Facts rules and Astronomy & Sounds of Music resources have been fixed.
4.  There is now a link on your tournament page under Schedules labeled “Spreadsheet with all links and codes needed for tournament” –  Check it out!  The links to submit logs and emails are linked in there now.  There are lots of blank spaces or Google Forms without links – those will start to fill in over the next 10 days.  This is the HOW that many of you have been struggling with.  This is the clearing house to everything for your specific tournament day.  These will have different codes and links depending on your tournament, so please make sure your students are on the right tournament and the right division tab!  This is where I will attempt to keep everything as up to date as possible. (Ex: Protein Modeling has 3 papers to reference, so I am linking them to your spreadsheet). 
5.  Satellite Tournament –  the slidedeck link has been corrected on your tournament webpage.
6.  Requesting Access – if you, or more likely your students, are clicking on any of these links or forms and it says that you need access, then your school servers are blocking the links from  I can’t fix that on my side and you definitely need to get permission from IT before the tournament or none of the forms are going to work.  It seems to be mostly the private schools, but several districts have had trouble as well.  Fun Fact, even if you request access 7 times in a row (which sends me 7 notification emails and happens almost daily), I still can’t fix this on my side.
I hope the sun is shining, at least metaphorically, on all of you today.  Thank you for your patience and attention to detail, keep the questions coming!
Coach email 2/5/21
Top 10 Topics for a Friday afternoon


1.  Final tournament assignments.  Please double check this spreadsheet one more time for your school – # of teams and assigned tournament – it is accurate as of time of this email’s publication.  We need to know by Monday 8am if there are any more changes.
2.  Team size, alternates, and seniors.  As a reminder, the maximum team size is NC now matches the National requirements of 15.  Alternates can be in addition to those 15 and can ONLY do trial events.  Regular team members and alternates can mix together in the trial events.  There is a 7 senior limit on the Div C team.
3.  Fast Facts & Fermi.  To make this as close to the real event as possible, I have set up practice sessions for both events and I need to know which TEAMS want to compete in each session.  Yep, there’s another form for that.  It will be the same questions every time.  Spoiler alert, it is the same questions from the invitational. I am trying to give everyone time to practice the platform and there aren’t enough brain cells left to write new questions for that.  Sign up at least 48 hours in advance of each practice session and we will enter the teams and send the coaches the information on how to compete.
4.  Note and resources allowed.  I completely contradicted the resource page about notes early in the week and have had lots of questions.  So – I have updated the spreadsheet to be more clear.  Regardless of the words you may have heard leave my mouth, go with the ones written on the spreadsheet now.  I tried to standardize it to either – “use it all, the Internet is yours to command” or “each person gets their own cheat sheet” (either real paper or a digital page – front & back would 2 pages on the computer).
5.  Permission forms – coming early next week.  I know the anticipation is killing you.
6.  What do these tests LOOK like?  Folder of examples 
7.  WIDI & Mystery Arch – Here is an updated list of supplies with quantities and pictures for Write It, Do It.  The second tab outlines exactly how the event will be run.  Here is a Mystery Arch training video for our event leaders, but will help coaches and students understand the event too.  Remember – toilet paper roll does not equal roll of toilet paper.  Empty rolls only!
8.  Goggles on.  Both car events & Mission Possible do require safety goggles during their runs.
9.  Tech issues.  In the case of a true technical fail for a team (not a missed alarm clock or the inability to tell time), the head coach should let the regional directors know immediately that their students were unable to participate and why.  If one team member competes in an event, that counts as the team score.  We will hold a state-wide makeup test for all Feb 20 events on Tuesday, Feb  23 at 6pm.  And a state-wide makeup test for all March 6 events on Sunday, March 7 at 2pm.
10.  Expectations.  It is always our goal to run the very best tournament possible for every team in NC.  We are striving to do that in this virtual world.  Things are going to go wrong (just like in-person tournaments), but please remember that we will continue to work for everyone to be able to look at the tournament and say, “It was run fairly for all teams involved.”
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Coach email 2/2/21
Thank you to everyone who was able to join and ask questions yesterday, we revamped a bit of the slidedeck based on info asked at the meeting, so you may want to look it over again.
As a reminder, all of these emails are copied to your tournament webpage as well to help keep all the info in one place!
We will start pulling out the teams who plan to compete in a Satellite tournament this weekend.  If you want to confirm what you are registered for, check this spreadsheet.  Don’t have an “x” next to your team name?  Then fill out this form!
Something wrong on the form?  Let us know.  I feel like we are juggling greased pigs this year and some things have definitely gotten lost in the cracks. 

In case you have missed it in the last several emails, here is a link to the folder from our invitational giving examples for each event.  The regional test formats will be very similar.

Permission forms are coming your way early next week (Google Forms)
If you haven’t logged in to Avogadro yet, it’s time to make sure that you can and schedule your teams for Picture This (if you are staying in your assigned tournament.  If you are planning Satellite, hold tight, we will assign you to a new tournament next week.). New to Avogadro?  User manual attached.
Mission Possible and Sounds of Music times are being scheduled on this Signup Genius.
Hang in there everyone!
Coach email 1/29/21
Happy Friday Coaches!
We will be meeting with each regional next week to answer questions and explain how this will look.  We ask that only coaches and team captains attend, the meeting will be recorded and you are welcome to share it with your team afterwards.  

Here is the full list of times: 

Northeast Regional, Feb 1 at 3pm
Raleigh Regional, Feb 1 at 4pm
West Regional, Feb 2 at 3:30pm, we will stay on after 4 for coaches that teach late
Southeast Regional, Feb 3 at 3pm
Triad Regional, Feb 3 at 4:30pm
Charlotte Regional, Feb 4 at 3pm
Your regional directors will send you the Zoom link info, if you don’t have that by Saturday morning, please email me and I will send it to you.
Some of you have chosen Satellite, but we ask that you join your assigned regional meeting to hear about plans and make sure you understand the Satellite option.
Self-scheduled signups will open at 8am on Monday, Feb 1.  We are using this Signup Genius for Mission Possible & Sounds of Music, because 1 set of judges is handling all the submissions state wide.  The only thing that you need to sign up for in Avogadro is Picture This.
Avogadro – Before Monday morning, all of you will have an active account in Avogadro.  The main page for this software is:
Don’t remember your login?  For most of you, your User Name should be your: First Name Last Name and then only you have control over your password.  Never done this before?  You should see an email from by Saturday night telling you what your account information is.  I will be checking email all weekend and can help you, just send up the Bat signal (or an email is fine too). Attached are the instructions for self-scheduling. You don’t need any info about the team in there yet, just what time you want each of your teams to compete in Picture This.
Form response – You can check here to make sure that we have your google form response.  We are updating that at least once a day.  
Satellite vs Mini – We are asking everyone who has chosen “Satellite SO” to think hard about this before we move you.  Is it an “all or nothing” thing.  Everyone competing on your team MUST be at school together.  If one student is in quarantine, the choice is to move to Mini SO, or not allow the student to compete.  I have no wiggle room on these rules due to insurance, liability, and equity issues.  We WILL NOT be able to make last minute changes on this.  Sharon often points out that I am a softy on this stuff, but we won’t be able to make changes this year with less than 48 hours notice.  Right now, all of you are still scheduled in your regularly assigned tournament, but after I talk about this in the meetings next week, we will move you to a Satellite tournament if you still want to compete at school and you will compete with others from around the state who are lucky enough to be allowed in your school buildings!
Coach email 1/27/21
SO Coaches, 
The Raleigh Regional Tournament will host a coaches meeting on Monday, February 1st at 4:00 to discuss how the tournament will work this year and provide a place for you to ask any questions. If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

*If you did not receive the link for the meeting, please email Kelsie*

Coach email 1/22/21
We have been able to make some decisions this week and I wanted to share what we know about tournaments now.
If you are no longer planning to compete, we must know by Jan 29.  After this, your team is responsible to pay whether you compete or not.   You can send us an email or log back in to Reporter and request a cancelation.
1.  We have condensed the state into 6 B/C Tournaments.  There are tabs sorted by name and by region.  These will work the same as regionals have worked in the past, with top teams from each region moving on to States and First Place Overall Winners receiving a specific invitation in their events.
2.  The default for all of these tournaments is a Mini SO format – all students will compete alone from home.  We can host a separate Satellite Tournament for teams who are allowed to be on their campuses on both Saturdays.  You can opt in to the Satellite tournament in the attached form.
3.  We have updated the Tournament Webpage to reflect the new tournament layout.   We will be adding new information there over the next few days.
4.  We have made small changes to the schedule – they only involve the timing on the construction events.  They are linked here:  Div B   Div C and on the tournament page.
5.  We need every team to fill out this form to let us know how you plan to compete and which construction/camera-on events you plan to compete in by Friday, Jan 29.
6.  There will be permission forms for this year.  They differ depending on the type of tournament you compete in, so we will start sending those out as you respond to the google form.
7.  We will be using Avogadro for scoring this year.  We plan to have everything up and ready by Feb 1.  Self-Scheduling will open at 8am on Feb 1.
8.  In case you have missed it in the last several emails, here is a link to the folder from our invitational giving examples for each event.  The regional test format will be very similar.
Let the emails begin.  Tournament season is less than 1 month away!